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New Zealand journalist/broadcaster Mike Bain in these podcasts provides a short inciteful commentary on todays news and events from a biblical perspective. w:

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Monday May 09, 2022

Hard to believe the "be kind" promoting New Zealand Government would put children as young as five under house arrest. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand exposes why we should be concerned about what is happening in the Tokelau Islands and just why its people are being bullied. Leave your comments but share this video.

Sunday May 08, 2022

The megachurch brings out the critical voice in all of us, in this podcast Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks at your thoughts and asks the question who the megachurch is for, and does it satisfy the needs of the congregation, and that of God. Feel free to subscribe, share or comment on this podcast.

Tuesday Apr 19, 2022

Artificial Intelligence is the future coming to your home. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks at how close we are to having a "bot" in our lives. Remember to subscribe and leave your comments.

Tuesday Apr 19, 2022

Another megachurch has hit the headlines in New Zealand. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand looks at the latest issues the mainstream media are reporting.

Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

Oh look, it's so easy to blame everyone else when something doesn't work out. Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand as to how long and why we blame others for our mistakes.

Tuesday Apr 12, 2022

Parents need to talk to children about a million things but in this podcast, Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand passes on some wise advice he received, which may just save your teenager. Warning: deals with the issue of suicide

Monday Apr 04, 2022

Has the church given up on teaching the word of God? Based on Mary Wrens article in the Christianity magazine regarding the failure of the Church of England's to teach the Bible, Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand listens to the silence here in New Zealand.

Saturday Mar 26, 2022

Once known the world over, Paul McCartney now struggles with identity. Mike Bain from Christian Voice discusses the issues with today's generations ignorance as to who the great people in history were. Feel free to comment/share this video. More information can be found on the website:

Tuesday Mar 22, 2022

What has the past two years been about? Health, welfare or control. In this episode Mike Bain from Christian Voice New Zealand discusses the real reason and warns about the surprise future of New Zealand. Feel free to subscribe, share, comment or support our work. See our website

Tuesday Mar 22, 2022

In this episode Mike Bain looks at the deconstruction of what the right order of life was universally accepted before people decided to no longer, do what's right in Gods eyes and do what's right in their own eyes.

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